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Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions (or goals or whatever you like to call them) to start a blog? A lot of my friends reached out to me recently for advice on blogging, and since I was getting similar questions, I’ve decided to write up this post to help you get started!

I. My story

I’ve been in the blogosphere since I was 8 years old. Yeah, I know, it shocks a lot of people. You can read the full story here or even listen to the time I spoke about the story of my blog at ScHARR’s “communication for impact” seminar.

To cut a long story short, I started off wanting to re-create a game, got hooked on creating websites and started writing to show off these funky, glittery, “loud” themes that I had made.

You could say I never really “set-out” to be a blogger. But here I am!

Back then, my blog was my “everything” diary, it sort of still is now but with a lot more filters. I used to write about things why High School Musical rocks to very basic tutorials on making text italics, align right and BE BRIGHT PINK. You were labelled cool when you could do stuff like that, back then! 🤷🏻‍♀️

**I am no way claiming to be the blogger of all blogs and there is countless advice out there online – but I thought my perspective would be useful to some.**

II. So why should you start a blog?

As I outlined in my talk, there are so many reasons why you should want to start a blog, here are my reasons:

  • Connecting with the people around the world who are interested in similar things and who inspire me every day and forming the most supportive networks out there!
  • Personal reflection and documentation: If it’s not already evident, I love reflecting on different aspects of my life for improvement (e.g. professionally, academically, personally – fitness/well-being) and for future reference. I low key read some of my posts at a time I did something remarkable, e.g. travel for the first time to remind me how far I’ve come.
  • Writing for me is a form of self-care. I enjoy writing to help clear my mind – it’s grounding.
  • Enjoyment: I genuinely just enjoy writing and publishing! I find it awesome that some of the things I share help inspire a positive change in some people’s lives.
  • Improving skills: In coding, writing, photo-editing, social media and other digital skills. I learned how to use Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, how to code a website from scratch purely from owning a blog.
  • Having my voice heard on things that matter to me 🤗

Ask yourself – what are your motivations for starting a blog? Got a few? Great. Use them as grounding points.

III. Starting points


There are loads of blogging platforms out there! My personal favourite (the only one I’ve used, to be honest 😂) is WordPress. You can either directly make your own ( site, or if you want your own website name, you can buy a domain name (mines from Namecheap), find web hosting (a quick Google search will yield you loads!) and install WordPress onto it.

The latter is a bit more complicated; I recommend that you give this tutorial a read.


Once you have WordPress installed, you can browse the many WordPress themes there are out there. I get this asked a lot: I don’t know much about the set themes WordPress has because I’ve been coding my themes myself since I started (and believe me, there have been pretty ugly ones in the past, but I’ve learnt! 😅) But go and explore! Or maybe learn to create your own.

IV. The Content

Okay, so now it’s time for the actual writing part.

What do I write about?

*Suddenly has writer’s block*

And that’s OK.

The thing I learnt about writing is not forcing it. If I’m not in the mood to write a blog post because no ideas are springing to mind, then I’m not going to blog, simple as that!

Remember your motivations for creating the blog in the first place. In the motivations, you should think about what you want to share with the world.

Initially, I used my blog as an everyday dump for my thoughts. Nowadays, the main point of my blog is for me to share topics that are important to me and that I think would be interesting or inspiring to others. What do *I* write about?

Ideas aren’t always there. But when inspiration does hit, I make sure that I write down the key concepts and keep poking at those ideas in my mind until I have a well-structured post. When it comes to structure, I write my posts simply in the introduction, main messages and conclusion format. This helps keep me straight to the point!

A question I received was “how do I maintain a balance between personal stuff and professional stuff?”

You’re in charge of the stuff you write. This is your online space; you’re free to write whatever you feel like writing about. If you want to write personal > “professional”, “professional” > personal or bunnies > professional then AWESOME! It’s your blog and your voice; you can have a ‘balance’ of whatever you want! I live by this and have a mixture myself.


I always try and make sure that I have quality photos to go on my posts. Mainly because I have an incredible camera I like making use of, I enjoy taking photos, need an image to break up the text in my posts, think it helps add sparkles to the post, and I have a boyfriend who likes making sure I have the best angle 😂

With all that said, you do not need the best camera or best photos to go on to your blog. Again, you do you.

My writing process

  1. Idea
  2. Write idea down on a “BLOG” project folder on my to-do list
  3. Create a mind-map or structured list of the main points and organise it in a meaningful order
  4. Start writing
  5. Before I publish, re-read, publish, have David point something out, edit it then boom, it’s out there!

“But someone has already written about this topic before.”

Yes, but are they you? Do they have the same experience? You have a fresh perspective!

This is your space. Your experience. Own it. Write. Publish. Share. And own it.

As long as you don’t copy and paste someone’s content then you can write about the same topics, nobody “owns” a topic! (I’m a little sensitive to this because people in the past have copied and pasted my work, claimed it as their own and got recognition for it 😩 Please don’t do this!)


One of my 2017 goals was to write and publish a post, every week. I pretty much blogged every week last year! It was difficult at first, but during the year, creativity and inspiration hit me a lot! Remember what I said earlier? Blog when you feel like it, and last year, I felt like it a lot.

I even created a schedule for myself:

Blogging calendar of August 2017
Blogging calendar of August 2017

Now before you start pulling up your calendars, please let me stress. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BLOG EVERY WEEK. YOU DO NOT NEED A CALENDAR OR A SCHEDULE. I had a goal and an action plan, so that’s what I did. Sometimes, I don’t have any ideas, and so a blog will not go out. And that’s OK!! Please remember that! You’re not any less of a blogger if you don’t post as frequently.

In fact, if you look back at my 2015 and 2016 archives, I blogged once a month. Because I simply didn’t have any time or energy to blog and that was completely fine. As I said, I never force things. The best “content” isn’t when I force things, the best is when I pour words straight from my heart.

Nowadays, it’s a habit to publish once a week! That’s on me and my choice, don’t worry if you can’t but if you want to, go right ahead gal, let me subscribe to your RSS feed!!!

Some ideas on posts that can help you start writing consistently:

  • Daily life – what did you do today?
  • Weekly summary – what did you do this week?
  • Monthly achievements
  • Reasons why Moana is the best Disney film out there (one reason per week, for a year)

V. Audience

“Nobody is reading my stuff.” ☹️

I always advise new bloggers not to look too much into getting views or getting too caught up in statistics.

I truly believe that as you continue to write, the right people will find you, and if they like what you post, will keep coming back. Don’t expect to click that publish button and receive a flood of readers! It’s a slow process to grow an audience, for sure.

Things that I do to communicate posts well:

1) Social media/communicate/market that post like a baus:

  • 🔵 Facebook – This was scary at first because my Facebook is literally everyone I know in real life, but I’ve now grown to get over the fear and become proud and shameless of the work I’ve created online!I set up my own Facebook page to keep all my promotional posts in one place. I like to share these posts on my personal feed because I have a wider reach, it not only allows people to see the post but also have a browse at the Facebook page.
  • 📸 I have quite a following on Instagram – by that, I don’t necessarily mean numbers, but the level of interaction I get with my posts and stories so I make sure that I communicate my posts on there. Recently, I’ve gotten a bit more creative with my Instagram story to help drive engagement. Get inventive!

  • 🐦 Using Twitter – use hashtags (especially if it’s a hashtag that is being monitored / looked at a lot, I do this often when I write about Tech events!) and tag relevant people (Blogger RT accounts are a great!)
  • 👻 Snapchat – I have quite a following on here too because of working with big Snapchat accounts like Women In Tech Snap so I post my blog posts on here and make use of that swipe up feature because I don’t have enough followers on Instagram to qualify (yet!) 😆
  • 📊 LinkedIn – I post some of my posts on LinkedIn that showcase development or interesting hobbies, this might be controversial but I think it paints a good picture of me to future employers and other people who would like to work with me!
    I even set up my own LinkedIn Company Page so that I could promote it even more to people looking at my LinkedIn profile and those who come across the page.
Screencap showing LinkedIn page, Facebook page and YouTube channel where I advertise my blog

2) Look into SEO – Check out Yoast SEO for more information.

3) Share on any communities/forums that you may be a part of!

4) Talk about it in real life enough that people put it in official things (I am so extra and not even ashamed of it. 😂)

5) I also focus on sharing and spreading the love and support for other bloggers – I’m still in a community I initially became a part of when I was 8/10? I know the same bloggers and even met a few of them! Like I said above, creating these truly amazing friendships and communities is one of the reasons I continue 🤗

Start spreading the good vibes! You can check out some incredible bloggers here.

With all that said, I don’t focus on statistics. If I did, I’m sure I would’ve lost motivation to blog very quickly. And is, I imagine, a reason why some people who start, quit quickly.


  • I like Namecheap, WordPress and writing messy, dirty code to make my themes work.
  • Don’t aim to be perfect – just write and publish!
  • You can blog whenever you want to, you don’t need a schedule or to put unnecessary pressure on yourself! Homosapien lives are short.
  • Spread the love!!
  • Remember that this is your space online, you can write whatever you want. Own it.
  • Never be ashamed of what you’ve built. Share the heck out of it!
  • When/If you start a blog, send me your link so 👏🏼I CAN HYPE YOU UP👏🏼 WOOHOOOOO!!!!
I *needed* to include this photo. Never felt more of a London fashion blogger in my life – I AM NOT a fashion blogger, unless gym fashion bloggers exist? 😝

To other bloggers: do you have one advice to share? Let’s get a list of things together. 👇🏼

33 responses to “Starting a Blog”

  1. “Remember that this is your space online, you can write whatever you want. Own it.:

    FACTS. I think the most important piece of advice I can offer is to make sure you enjoy what you’re writing. If you were just a reader and came across your blog, would you follow it? If not, why should anyone else?

    I’ve been “sorta” blogging on and off since I was young too. Blogspot, Blogger, WordPress, tried them all. I grew pretty large followings on various Tumblr blogs I owned making fangraphics and writing about books/TV shows/movies that I enjoyed. This is without any marketing or even knowing what SEO was at the time –did that just by being me and engaging in the community.

    Don’t get too caught up in the advice other “how-to” articles give about establishing a brand. Just write. Do it for yourself, be real, promote a little bit. You’ll find your voice and the followers will come.

    1. YES. Your passion and underlying root to why you’re doing something should always come first, followers and all that stuff comes after. It’s like with most things in life, when you’re focused on yourself, the people you want to be surrounded by are suddenly around you 🤗

      Thanks so much for your insight and comment Bobbie!

  2. Great stuff Pawlean. Interesting idea about making your own WordPress themes. Next thing on my blog agenda is to style my theme 🙂 and super informative blog thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment Ben! Super glad that it was useful 🙌🏼 If you need help with the WP theme, let me know!

  3. You’re the best! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all of this with us. I know I’ll be referring back to this again and again 💖

    1. You are the kindest, thank you girlie 💖 Glad it was useful!!

  4. I started blogging when Blogger used to be a stand-alone service (not part of Google) around 1998-1999 (though never really got active right away because, like you mentioned in your post, I had the thoughts of ‘no one was going to read my blog so why bother blogging’ mindset lol. I have a long history of blogging tools and software way before WordPress came about. I even used b2, the predecessor of WordPress.

    Speaking of WordPress, I started opening up a series of tutorials for WordPress for theme development, however, I’m starting it off with building your WordPress blog/site in a local environment using Local by Flywheel (, then I’m gonna follow up with an early look at Gutenberg, the new upcoming default text editor that’s going to replace Tiny MCE sometime in a few months when WordPress 5.0 rolls out. Hope this would give a small insight for those who still want to continue using WordPress and then see a huge major change with the text editor lol.

    The best advice I always followed was to write and keep on writing. I’m not the type of blogger who “follows trends” with other bloggers because I want to stand out in my own way. Nothing wrong with that. Like for example, I don’t do recaps every end of the month (or every year) because to me, just writing about them is pretty much the same as recapping them. I just keep going forward, not looking back. 🙂

    My blog needs attention Pauline, what’s up with that? (just kidding on this part 😉 ) Talk to you later!

    1. Keep going forward and not looking back is the best advice ever 😁 Thanks Adrianne!

  5. Exactly what I was looking for! Great explanations! Thank you so much for the effort of putting this together. A real help for a newbie!

    1. No worries, super glad that it was helpful Cailin!

  6. Thank you for this in-depth post. I’m one of those people who have only one blog post but life has got in the way of things, I only started the blog in November. I think this post may have given me the push to continue writing even if just a draft or two for now and consider getting the ball rolling again. My main issue was finding what to write about and wondering if anyone would read it but I need to stop worrying about that and just write. I may even consider trying to make my own theme it’ll give me another reason to keep at it.

    1. Thanks Shaun! Excited to see what you come up with 😁

  7. I’m so glad you wrote this post! As I said on Instagram, there’s a lot of blog posts about starting a blog, but yours comes from a different perspective and I love it.

    I especially love your reasoning for starting a blog. It’s so refreshing to see something other than “to make money” or “to get free stuff” haha!

    I’m sure this post will inspire others to start their own blog.

    1. I can’t believe to get free stuff is even a reason! I remember starting a blog just wanting to host my web designs on 😂 Old school blogger for life!

  8. Loved reading this. I think the most important thing I took from this is making a schedule when it comes to posting. I’ve been blogging somewhat regularly since 2016 now and I still don’t have a schedule. Like, because I sort of went in the direction of adventure blogging, I tend to be quiet when I don’t go on adventures because life. *sad face*

    Thanks for writing this, Pauline! Really good ideas and tips 🙂

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Thanks so much Eena! I’m glad it was helpful 🤩

  9. Hope someone will find inspiration to start a blog from this post! There are so many reasons why someone could start a blog. At the end of the day, they should definitely do it for themselves. There’s so much flexibility and people can make their own rules on how they roll. I know my fave thing to do for exposure is to give other bloggers some love too.

    1. Yes!! Spreading the love is so important 💜

  10. It was a very interesting read. I have two blogs, one lifestyle, one food (recipes mainly), and now I’ve launched a 3rd one: book reviews. I felt a bit stressed to follow a schedule, but now I don’t. On my lifestyle blog I post every other day (usually), because it’s easier. After a trip to London this month, I have plenty of subjects to talk about. On the other two, if I can’t post one week, that’s not a problem. It happens.

    1. I love your attitude Anca, this is the attitude to take! Thanks so much for commenting 😁

  11. I have very little of value to say (because your post covered everything), but I very much appreciate how your top matched the door in that final picture… >_<

    1. Totally not planned 😉

  12. “Suddenly has writer’s block” bah haha isn’t that the truth?! I love how thorough this post is. When we started our blog, it seemed SO hard to find things that were honest and straightforward about setting up a blog. It was mostly just people trying to make money off of it. This would’ve been PERFECT!
    One of my favorite things about blogging is the community and getting to ‘meet’ people I never would’ve encountered in my real life. It opens up this amazing, inspiring world that we get to be a part of!
    AND, I think it’s important to do just what you said and not feeling pressured to keep a schedule or anything like that. Too much pressure takes the fun out of it.
    Thanks for spreading the blogging love!

    Susie |

    1. Thanks so much for reading! YES the blogging community is why I continue what I do. I don’t think I could otherwise, everyone brings so much value to me from their blogs. I read, I learn and get excited! I love it!!

  13. This post is awesome! I remember way back in the day when my blogs were full of high school angst, haha. What a ways we’ve come since then.

    My biggest obstacle is just the feeling of, “nobody cares what I think about this” or “I don’t have anything interesting in my life.” I’m trying really hard to just push past that and write for me instead of others. If nothing else, it’ll just end up being a chronicle of my life that I can look back on later.

    1. Thanks for your comment Vicky! We have come a long way haha, and I’m glad!

      Yes, always write for yourself and nobody else. This is your online space, you own it girlfriend!

  14. I read this a couple of days ago but I’ve only had a chance to comment now BUT GIRL, THIS POST IS EVERYTHING!

    If I was starting out a blog now, I would definitely come to this post for reference. I actually send the link to this post to my friend because she expressed that she might want to start a blog!

    Loving how informative this is without being too jargon heavy 🙂

    1. I’m so glad that you found it useful! I tried my hardest to make sure that it’s beginner friendly!! <3 Thanks for sharing too, appreciate it so so so much!!!! <3

  15. Oh gosh Pauline, this entry is so timely. Recently, I’ve been having a bit of existential angst about blogging and even contemplated shutting down my blog. I’m not quite over it yet, to be honest, but my domain auto-renewed so I guess that’s a sign for me to keep writing XD

    I’m so glad that you mentioned that you can write whatever you want in your blog and that you don’t have to pressure yourself to write. One thing that I always tell myself is that you don’t have to pressure yourself to be someone you’re not. It feels like a lot of “how-to” guides for blogging nowadays focus too much on niche blogs and earning money from blogging. That’s totally fine, but some people (like me!) are blogging because we want to share our lives and thoughts with others, that should be encouraged too! The blogging community is super diverse anyway so there’s a place for everyone 🙂

    1. “The blogging community is super diverse anyway so there’s a place for everyone”

      I need to highlight this. YES. Yes. YES!

      Thanks for leaving a comment lovely, I’m so glad that it was useful!

  16. Lots of awesome tips here that’s good for older blogs too! =3

    1. I’m so glad that you found this useful Megan!!

  17. Blogging is so rewarding! I love your point that no one owns a topic! And I am weird and I have a million and one ideas to post about BUTTT I’m actually terrible at writing haha. My main reason for blogging is because I love photography and wanted somewhere to showcase my pictures other than my internal hard drive!

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