Learning to cook! (properly)

The spaghetti process!
The spaghetti making process!

I’m a terrible cook. To redeem myself (sort of), I can bake (sort of) but cooking actual meals are a big no! When I do try to, it usually (almost always) turns out burnt and inedible or sometimes is just a mix of everything together to make a big lump of … smoosh.

One of my summer goals was to make something actually edible so that I can feel like a real independent young adult! Also, after seeing so many pretty dishes being cooked by friends, I’m wanting to do it myself. All the well-cooked meals with little decorations all over the surface, Instagram-ready and all that jazz.

A couple of years ago at school, we had a food tech class where we learnt how to cook certain things and just generally about food. Often, I was really hungry during the whole hour as the teacher went on about delicious-looking meals. Anyway, I wasn’t very good at the class unless we were baking things. I remember we were making chow mien once and I managed to make it taste like a plate of salty burnt toast, that gives you a picture of how bad I am at cooking

So recently, I took on the challenge to cook for my parents and their guests – I know, a little too extreme but I tried! I decided I wanted to make lasagne and spaghetti seeing as they are VERY simple dishes to make. I can’t possibly mess that up, surely.

I followed the recipes my dad gave me, I have to say I was pretty chuffed with the result especially for the lasagne. I have admittedly tried cooking lasagne for myself before but it always ended up turning into a heated mess*.

Out they go!
Out they go!

I really enjoyed the whole thing – although a little time-consuming, it’s really worth it as my constant hungriness was satisfied for a while! 😛 After this success, I am determined to really try cooking some more and who knows, maybe I can stop going to restaurants so frequently because I can do them myself 😉

Lasagne result, a little burnt but super lovely!
Lasagne result, a little burnt but super lovely!
Spaghetti result w/ meatballs
Spaghetti result w/ meatballs

What is the best thing you’ve ever cooked yourself? What should I attempt to cook next?

Also, I have a new layout up as you can see – it is responsive and was a pain to code but I’m pleased with the outcome! I still have a few bits to tweak but for now, I’m proud of it.

* Pitch Perfect 2 reference, hehe.

16 responses to “Learning to cook! (properly)”

  1. Hola chica, Nice cooking job! It looks really delicious, making me very hungry at the moment 😐
    So tell me, did the guests enjoy it??

  2. Hola chica, the food looks delish. I am getting very hungry at the moment. Did the guests enjoy it?

    I really like your new layout btw!

    1. Thanks Phoebe, means so much! They did indeed enjoy it – the kids really loved the lasagne and kept coming back for more! 😛

      Aw, thank you sweetheart. It did take me a while to make so it means a lot!

  3. I love cooking! I’m glad you’re getting more into it – it’s so much fun cooking your own meals and trying out new recipes. Since you like baking, you should check out the recipes on my blog 🙂

    Hmm, the lasagne and spaghetti look tasty! Great job on them 🙂

    Love the new layout, too!

    1. I will definitely check them out Chynna – always love new recipes!

      Thank you! <3

  4. The spaghetti and the lasagna look delicious! 😀 Great job! *claps*

    As for me, I cannot cook to save my life! I burn things- even if it’s just simple heating in the toaster over. D:

    1. I know how you feel! I used to burn my toast all the time and ate it because it was a waste of food xD Got used to the taste until my parents said its not good for you, not sure if thats true though 😛

  5. Nice new simple theme, Pauline! Great work!

    I have always called myself a ‘bad cook’ but I think I am in the same boat as you. I just didn’t really learn. I wouldn’t say you are bad – just inexperienced. My ex taught me a few tips on how to cook something with better taste – he didn’t put an extreme amount of effort into the appearance of the dish. He liked to use lots of spices and use some ingredients excessively.

    I am just a fan of simple cooking, with minimal spices and condiments. I also never really had the opportunity to cook at home – particularly baking – because our oven is broken, and I don’t always have time. My mum likes to cook a lot so there wasn’t a ‘need’ for me to learn. Though I’m getting older so it’s kind of a must, LOL. 🙂

    I think you did a great job with the spaghetti and lasagna. They look yum. I don’t eat beef but the meatballs look so good! 😀

    The best thing I’ve cooked is probably a really well-cooked medium salmon and some perfect sunny-side-up eggs. It took practice but I was proud hehe. I haven’t cooked a ‘whole meal’, I suppose (except a homemade pizza), but every little bit counts. I guess I know enough to get by!

    I’ve made my own sushi, it just occurred to me that you could give that a go! That would be getting really hands-on. Otherwise I would suggest a noodle stir-fry. 😀 I am getting hungry thinking about this.

    1. Thanks Georgie! It took some time and head scratching but I got there! 😀

      I am really concerned over the appearance of my dishes (sound like a proper chef right now) after seeing all my friends who take such care over the appearance of their food! (Before pictures of course, after the picture has been taken, they get right into it! :P)

      I’m exactly like you – I never really got into cooking meals recently because my parents love to cook so they just cook me delicious meals when I come home from work or university but I really wanted to actively learn how to do it myself!

      I’ll try noodle stir fry tonight ^_^ Hehe, I’m hungry too – time for dinner 😛

  6. Nah, you cook fine. I don’t think we all have to be super major chefs to make it through life. In fact, our inexperience and learning new things can in fact be fun.

    I see it like an adventure, honestly. The food looks delicious. I actually have Italian blood running from my real grandfather who came from a small town in Italy, still, that’s probably why I love the food so much. Yum.

    Do share, okay? 😛

    1. Ooo that’s awesome Michelle! Italian food is actually my favourite, I just the love tastes! I would share if I could send out my food to you all I would 😉

  7. That is so great that you made such a good effort and it looks like it turned out really well, you should be proud of yourself! 😀

    I am a terrible cook. I failed Food Technology in High School. >.< So I better not offer any tips.

    1. Thank you so much Kya, you’re so kind! 😀

      I scrapped a pass, I believe. But it was based on a paper exam rather than practical 😉

  8. Everyone needs ot start somewhere when it comes to cooking :). Practice helps a lot, people don’t magically become pros on the first try, unless they’re extremely lucky. Your lasagna and spaghetti looks delicious! Hopefully everyone enjoyed it and that you’ll get more chances to cook ;D. Try to cook some of your favorite meals. How about fried rice? Can’t go wrong with that ;D.

    I cooked a lot of stuff before, but I usually like the sushi bowls that I make. Everything else isn’t special enough. Congratulations on getting the responsive theme up! :D. I like the simplicity of the theme.

    1. Hey Nancy! I’m glad you like the theme 😀

      Yeah, practise does make perfect! I’m excited to explore the infinite meals out there! I’ll try fried rice 😉

  9. nom nom nom nom nom 2123123 hi

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