Our home office set-up

Hi everyone! I hope that you’re all doing really well in our current quarantine world. Sending you all good vibes ✨

Since the official lockdown, Matt and I have been doing bits and bobs to upgrade our current home office set-up. I’m in the privlleged position to be able to work from home remotely (of which I’m very grateful because not everyone has the privllege 🙏) I’ve been getting asked lots of questions about our set-up daily on Instagram, so I thought that I’ll write a post about our home office in our small flat.

I’ll also include links to where we bought items, I hope this is useful!

What is was like before

I thought it’d be good to give you all a bit of an idea of what our home office was like before. Check out this time lapse I created from our first week of work.

We didn’t really work from home often, only when we had to be in the flat for maintance or installations of things so we never really invested in creating a dedicated space for us to work. The times we did work from home, we just used our dining table as our desk.

Working from home at the same time just didn’t work out, and most of the time one of us would spend our days working from our sofa which sounds amazing but it got pretty uncomfortable, pretty fast.

A few months ago, Matt bought a monitor for us to share so that whenever one of us was working from home, we would just use it! Or when we were both at home, we’d take it in turns (I’d use it in the morning, Matt would use it in the afternoon 😂)

It worked for us when we still had offices to go to, but since we’ve transformed to remote work, we needed to find a way around this!

Our current set-up

Matt’s desk

Matt currently still uses our dining table as his main desk (don’t worry, we have another table to eat at 😆) As we waited for some of our deliveries for our office upgrades, we actually shared the dining table for a while. It was so cramped (and I think we were getting on each others nerves for a bit 🤣), but we managed for a few days!

Matt's desk set-up
Matt’s desk set-up

On his desk he has:

  • Samsung U32R592 32 Inch Curved 4K Monitor – this is the monitor we used to share, but it is primarily Matt’s now. I couldn’t justify using it as much because I wasn’t taking full advantage of the monitor as much as Matt does (with his multiple windows!) I have to say though, this monitor is absolutely beautiful.
  • Argos Home Milton Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair in Black – it’s not the bestest chair in the world, but it does the job!
  • Macbook Pro 15 inch model (x2 – one for work, one for personal)
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Roost Laptop Stand – for one of his Macbooks
  • Apple AirPods Pro – Matt uses these for calls

My desk

My home office set-up
My home office set-up

Before you say it – yes, I know quite minimalist compared to mine. 🤪

  • Autonomous Standing Desk in all Black – I’ve been super excited about this desk for a while! 🤩 It was on my wishlist for the longest time, but finally bit the bullet once I realised that we were all going to work remotely for a while. I’m glad that I did buy it because it has honestly been life-changing! I switch between standing and sitting throughout the day, mostly standing in the afternoon after lunch to help fight my food coma. 😂 If you’re in the market for a standing desk, I highly recommend this one. You can use my refferal link to get some money off. 💰
Autonomous Standing Desk in all black
Autonomous Standing Desk in all black
  • Acer K222HQLBID 21.5 Inch LCD MonitorI’ve got a smaller monitor, but hooked up via an monitor arm and set up with my laptop, it works perfectly for my needs.
  • Argos Home Milton Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair in Greythey sold out of the black ones, but we really wanted to have matching chairs so I opted in for the different colour. Surpringly, it actually goes with the rest of our flat’s furniture.
  • Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch (2014 version) – she’s still going strong, even after everything I put her through. (I am due an upgrade soon though, Macbook 14 inch – please? 👀)
A close up of what is on my desk
A close up of what is on my desk
  • My work laptop, phone, mouse and headset – I have these on my desk because whenever I need to access my company’s systems I can easily do so! I have a seperate headset from work – it’s the best one for speaking on video calls.
  • Blue Snowball Black iCE USB microphone – I use this for when I record for Inspiring Figures or my remote talks. Highly recommend, quality is incredible.
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Office Desk Pad – because my desk is metal, it gets more fingerprints on it! I like having this Desk Pad as protection but I think it also looks great ✨
Desk pad x Autonomous Standing Desk
Desk pad x Autonomous Standing Desk
The chair does the job for the price!
The chair does the job for the price!

Other things that I have on my desk:

Overall, I’m quite happy with our little home set-up! Our flat is small, but we’ve managed to set an area strictly for working.

Our home office
Our home office

It’s great to have this area to help me focus just on work and when I finish work for the day, I can literally just walk away from it 😁 In comparison to if I was working from my bed or couch (it’d be harder for me to switch off)

I hope that you found this useful! What’s your home office set-up like? Share some of your favourites items!

6 responses to “Our home office set-up”

  1. I really love your desk! My desk easily gets cluttered. XD

    1. Aww, thanks Megan! 😊 Haha, I used to have that problem too, but now I’m obsessed with keeping everything clutter free.

  2. That computer desk looks very interesting.I have seen a few people with that desk. I love your Mac setup. I purchased a imac last week but sadly returned it bc I couldn’t get used to it. I love your black mirror!!!

    1. It’s such a great desk! Thanks! It actually came with the furnished apartment that I live in 😊

  3. I am loving your desk setup! I can’t wait to work on my at-home office.

    1. Thanks Brandi! I’m glad that you like it 😊

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