A year of positive habits and focus on self-care

In the middle of 2016, I was feeling sluggish, constantly tired, constantly down. I couldn’t shake it off for months on end – I felt like I was hanging off a cliff, desperately holding on. Onto what? At the time, I had no idea. Everything seemed pointless. I was floating through life feeling unfulfilled and quite honestly on the edge of losing my mind.

And then… well, it happened.

A slap on the face.

A punch in the stomach.

A push off the cliff.

A wake-up call.

I ended up in this dark place of depression leading to self-destructive behaviour. The only energy I had left was to pity myself and beat myself up for unfinished conversations…

But you know what they say, time heals, right? In August 2016, that self-pity turned to an incredible force of focus towards healing and levelling myself up. It’s the best knock on the head I’ve ever had and the only one that I am so so so thankful for.

I’ve been so determined never to fall into that scary place ever again.

It’s been a year since and I have made so many improvements towards my mental and physical health that the dark place doesn’t seem so scary anymore. As part of the journey of finding myself again, I implemented four key practices to my life which I swear by. They are game changers!

Note: This is a long post. If you’re looking for something specific, skip to it here:

  1. Meditation and mindfulness
  2. Exercise
  3. Clean eating
  4. Gratitude

💭 Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation is a breathing exercise whereas mindfulness is the practice of being aware of the present moment – the only moment that really matters! Both meditation and mindfulness go hand in hand. Breathing helps ground you into the present. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not just “emptying your mind” or some weird “voodoo shit” 😅

How does it help?

I always found it hard to explain why I love meditation so much and how it has had such a big impact on me! (I mean why else would I be doing it every morning for 400+ days now?) But after reading The Brain Book by Phil Dobson (which connected my Biomed knowledge to meditation! 💡) it now makes a lot of sense! When meditating, your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in – which triggers your ‘rest and digest’ state. This plays a huge role in homeostasis (i.e. finding that perfect balance) and helps you rest and relax.

My experience

Most of you already know this because I talk about it A LOT but I like to meditate with the app Calm. I recommend using apps, especially if you’re a beginner as they really help make it a habit over time.

Meditation has helped me in so many different ways but the most effective thing for me is the wonders it does with managing my anxiety.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had severe anxiety and panic disorder; to the point I would get terrifying panic attacks (I wouldn’t be able to breathe, I would have total loss of control of my body. If you’ve experienced a panic attack before, you’d know what I mean) I had been on medication to control them before but I found that they aggregated it further as well as made me suffer from a range of other side effects. After a terrible panic attack that left me shaken for days after my second-year exams and seeing the impact it had on my family and close friends, I decided to take action and desperately looked for something to ease it.

I found meditation and since starting Headspace then switching to Calm, my panic attacks and general anxiety has lessened. When I am on the verge of anxious feelings, I turn to mediation and after 10 minutes of focused breathing and enhanced self-awareness – i.e. understanding why I’m feeling anxious, accepting it and then letting go – I prevent the negative feelings from losing control in my mind.

Other ways meditation has helped me:

  • Become more mindful and present which has improved all my relationships. I always aim to be 100% focused rather than having divided attention.
  • Become more grateful for things. I admit that in the past I have taken things and people for granted. Since practising gratitude (with meditation and journaling) I’ve improved my relationships SO much and attracted the type of people I want in my life (like Matt ❤️). I’m also so much happier!
  • Awareness is a common theme in meditation. Being aware of my emotions especially has helped me be more in control, allowing me to deal with difficult emotions much more effectively.
  • Kept me calm when I travel 😊 Travelling used to terrify me, in the past I couldn’t even take a train alone without having a panic attack. You can imagine that flying was absolutely out of the question! I mean in the past if you would have asked me “don’t you want to travel the world though?” I would’ve answered, “yes, I’d walk though 🤷🏻‍♀️”
    Having Calm play in the background and doing meditation when I felt scared has helped me more than anything. I mean, I think my constant travelling this year really shows it!


Esha on Twitter asked, “how do you motivate yourself to meditate?”

I’m only human, so naturally, I get lazy! It was really difficult when I first started; I actually had to restart a few times before it became a habit. Having a dedicated time to meditate helped with habit-formation, I do mine every morning because my mind is “less busy” with events from the day.

My main motivation to meditate is knowing full well of the benefits it has on my mental health. I’ve seen results from doing it – by the fewer anxiety attacks and my feelings generally. Whenever I do feel lazy (I have had days like that, believe it or not!), I remind myself of these effects and close my eyes. 10 minutes later, as I open my eyes, I feel incredible: calm, happy, grateful. That’s all the motivation I need. 💙

Elise on Twitter asked, “I wanna know how you deal with these things emotionally! cliche, I know but I wanna see how you defeat your inner insecurity and stuff”

It all comes down to awareness. I’ve talked about it a lot already but remembering how awesome I am, how I kicked my anxiety’s butt this year, how I fell so low but pulled myself back up and just celebrating even the smallest achievements and milestones help defeat my inner insecurity. I’m a lot less insecure to I was in the past, I think meditation and positive self-talk helped with this a lot so give it a go! Having a positive and empowering network is key too – my confidence boost wouldn’t have reached this high without everyone 💜

💪🏻 Exercise

Oh no, Pauline is going to talk about exercise again… Yes, but hear me out!

When did it start?

It started with my fifth box of Ben and Jerry’s, refusing to do anything but cry over an unexpected messy breakup. I remember I was in the corner of my room, unable to cry anymore. It was 5-6am when my dad walked in and asked if I wanted to go on a run, I had lost count at that point how many times he asked me over the past month but for some reason, that day, I said yes. I finally got up and went with him.

I was so unfit, I was sweating, panting and my lungs felt like they had disappeared from my body. But afterwards, it felt amazing.

The next week or so, he asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with him instead of running because of the rain that day. Usually, I would roll my eyes at the thought but that weekend I agreed.

This was my first day at the gym, dad took some sneaky photos!

I ran on the treadmill, used the elliptical and bike. I stayed way away from the weights area but my dad reassured me that weights wouldn’t make me “look like a man” instead, it’d make me stronger.

Stronger? Stronger was what I wanted to be.

All that energy I had to pity myself turned to focus on something much more positive and empowering: getting and being stronger; both mentally and physically.

Since that day in August, I have never looked back and regretted my decision. I only thank my past self for starting.

The journey 2016 – 17

*click on the images for a closer look if you want! 🔎


  • Every weekend, I did an hours worth of cardio on the treadmill and bike.
  • Eventually, I got bored. My dad enlightened me on the magic that is strength training. That’s when I started weight lifting. I was hooked.
First time lifting weights 😆 This actually really hurt omg

September – December

  • My obsession peaked; I was reading a lot of nutrition and fitness books as well as watching videos of other people working out.  I bought my first of dumbells – 3kg in total. I remember dragging it around the store, I was so weak, it was SO difficult to lift. I was complaining to my dad after, he said that it will be ‘nothing’ to me in a few months, and he was right – 24kg is too easy 😏
Powerblock dumbells VS my first dumbbell!
  • I stumbled upon FitnessBlender and randomly started their 5 minutes butt and thigh workout which I did every evening.
  • This slowly turned into longer workouts with them. Sometime towards the end of September, I bought their FB abs and FB flex programmes. 
I did these two programmes back to back every. single. day. Now I don’t recommend you work out twice a day – overtraining is a thing, it’s not healthy at all and undermines your progress. But back then, I didn’t really have much to do and I found so much happiness listening to Kelli and Daniel transparent, HEALTHY, no-bullshit approach towards fitness.
  • In addition to this, I also went to the gym with my dad and Hamdah on the weekends where I’d lift heavier than I would during the week (which would mainly focus on bodyweight training and HIIT.) Most of my workouts were derived from Whitney Simmons – I’d do legs on Saturday and arms on Sunday with a long stretching session when I got home.
A collection of workout selfies (pre and post workout) from September to November
  • I lost A LOT of body fat and started to feel so much stronger.
  • I worked out almost every single day during this period – I was exhausted after 7 pm and would be asleep by 9 pm. 😆 Often times, earlier. I was my “fittest” but the whole thing wasn’t attainable long-term.
Gym sessions with Hamdah. December-ish!

January – July

  • I stepped down a bit from the intense workout schedule especially after getting really sick at the start of the year; my doctor and family had said I was overtraining so I had to take a break and slow down.
  • I still did FitnessBlender programmes – FBabs and FB30 5 days a week and a day over the weekend of training with my dad.
 I found more of a balance 🤗
Saturday gym sessions with dad!

July – now:

  • I wanted to switch up my routine a bit as I highlighted in my July goals. At the time, I had just booked tickets to London for the Gymshark pop-up store event and found out that Grace Beverly (i.e. GraceFitUK) was going to be there. I’ve been following Grace for a while now; even before my fitness craze, hoping that maybe one day I will stop binge eating on unhealthy food – who knew that it would be the year 2016/17? 😆 I was browsing through her feed and decided to purchase her guide (Grace Fit Guide) after seeing some recommendations on Twitter and Instagram.
  • I have been doing the guide for 6 weeks (I’ve been on holiday for a week so I took a break in between) and once a week (usually the cardio day) I’ll do a FitnessBlender HIIT workout!
Those who follow me on Instagram and watch my stories KNOW THE DRILLLLL #gfg
  • The guide focuses on different muscle groups each day and encourages you to increase weights each week. After the first week, I was ACHING like I did the very first time I started working out.
  • 6 weeks later, I’ve seen an incredible improvement in my upper-body strength and back and shoulder gainz – something I hadn’t really focused on before. My bum is a bit more lifted and abs are popping a bit more too 😏 I feel so much stronger and IT’S SO EMPOWERING. The community of girls also doing the guide is an awesome motivation too 😊 It’s so refreshing seeing the support!
  • Once I finish this guide, I’m planning to do her second guide and repeat with heavier weights each time.
My dad and I killing it at the gym, 12 months later 🔥

Before and present

Comparing photos from July 2016 – Barcelona and August 2017 – Fuerteventura

Side view!

What keeps me going? Where do I find the motivation?

As I’ve said before, sometimes I want to give up because I get lazy (especially in the winter!) When this hits me, instead of getting frustrated I have learned to accept what I’m feeling (meditation has helped me so much with this) Sometimes, I skip a day, label it as my rest day and reschedule my exercise routine or lay down in bed for longer until I feel motivated enough to get up.

And that’s fine.

I think too many people give up when they miss a day or get lazy for a week, your gains don’t disappear after a day or a week, it’s completely fine to fall off the fitness waggon as long as you jump back! Don’t rush to get back onto it – definitely only when you really feel like you want to.

Initially, I would beat myself up for skipping a day or two. It wasn’t until I would do my meditation that I become mindful of my negative self-talk. As soon as I realise, I stop myself – it’s not healthy at all (the only way you should be talking to yourself is the way Carly talks about me and ice cream) Turning to accept that my body needs to rest sometimes and that naturally it gets burnt out hasn’t been easy but with most things, after really focused practice, it gets easier. After all, we must always listen to our bodies!
I get asked about finding motivation and what keeps me going all the time. My ability to be consistent and bounce back has come from remembering why I started. I started because:

  • I wanted to become stronger
  • I wanted to pull myself out of a depressive state I was in
  • I wanted to change my life – I was tired of feeling tired all the time.
    Every time I think back to how I felt during the time where I was lacking so much energy, I gain so much momentum to push forward and focus on levelling myself up. Always competing with my past self. The gal last week who lifted 10kg, can now lift 12kg. Fuck yeah.

Thanks for asking, Georgie! I hope that sort of answers your question – I couldn’t think of a good enough example because it happens a lot! 💙


My sister asked me when my fitness phase would end. I don’t think I’ll ever stop working out. My ‘fitness obsession’ is now a lifestyle that I chose to adopt and brings me so much happiness and joy.

It’s my fuel to get through the day; seriously that endorphin rush I get is something else!

And it’s become SO MUCH MORE than how I look, at the end of the day, it stems from how valuable it is to me. And to me, prioritising my long-term health is much more valuable than anything!

I know I wouldn’t still be doing it if I only cared about how I looked like. I mean, yeah, gainz are fucking awesome but sometimes they’re slow, sometimes they’re not visible – I found that with my abs – stronger core but invisible for months (until I focused on fat loss) It could’ve thrown me off completely and demotivated me but I chose to focus on how I felt. Like hello? Can we have a reality check for a minute? I’m stronger than yesterday, I can hold a plank longer than 10 seconds. THANK YOU BODY FOR BEING SO AMAZING?

How I feel after finishing that last set and knowing the good that I’m doing to my body is worth every pain to gain.

My journey hasn’t finished; it’s only just begun. But it’s always good to reflect and highlight achievements – celebrate yourself and your hard work always, gal!

Other benefits of exercise

  • Kicking my anxiety’s butt, one rep at a time.
  • Improving my mood. A happy Paw is the best kind of Paw.
  • Awakening me – getting off to a good start every morning!
  • Making me appreciate my body; allowing me to focus on caring for it.
  • Confidence 🚀
  • Worth mentioning again: stronger. I’m so much stronger. Both mind and body.

Some tips

  • Start slowly (don’t go hardcore like I did initially which caused me to get sick and miss the first date with a guy I actually really like. Sorry, Matt!) Instead of hitting the gym every day, try gradually getting into the routine. I started with a day a week which turned to (after my body got used to it) 2-3 times and now 5-6 times a week.
  • Walk more – to work, to university, to the shops! This helped reduce my body fat A LOT. It helps that Sheffield is a hilly so I’m always hitting up a sweat no matter where I go 😆
  • It’s okay to take a rest day or week once in a while as long as you get back into it. Never let the days turn into months!
  • Stay inspired. Follow fitness accounts on social media; this helped me stay on top of my commitment to my physical health. 👏🏻
  • Life is too short to wear average gym clothes. Rock out. Ok, this isn’t a legit tip but you know how I feel about Gymshark?
  • And finally, focus on how you feel, not how you look. That comes after. ❤️

🍏 Clean eating

What is “clean eating”? It’s being 100% mindful of everything you put in your body!

No, I don’t cut chocolate out of my life. I mean, how could I possibly?? 

I’ve talked about how bad my eating habits were in the past. I used to skip breakfast, have JUST a muffin or binge eat Kinder Buenos and ready salted crisps, have Chinese take away every day and ignore my mom who would tell me to eat more fruit and vegetables. I mean vegetables are so over rated though. Right?

Wrong. That lack of energy I had and sluggishness was all from not being mindful of what I was putting in my body. Around the same time I started exercising, I began a clean eating journey which was inspired mainly by Fitness Blender. Kelli and Daniel talked a lot about eating “real” food in their videos. Fuel is what you need to function. Good fuel helps you kill your workouts and smash your day! I made the decision to gain control of my eating habits.

I didn’t rush into only eating greens 24/7 – that’s a set-up for failure. I started slow.

  • I replaced my sugary cereals with organic oats and fruit.
  • I started drinking water first when I felt hungry – I learnt that sometimes I confuse being dehydrated for hunger.
  • I stopped eating processed food and made mindful decisions to eat “real” food
  • Made myself lunch instead of buying it! (pain in the ass for someone who dislikes cooking!)
  • Reduced amount of takeaway food and eating out (saved me lots of ££)
  • Replaced chocolate with Greek yoghurt (this was really difficult)

I did this for a week. Survived. Did it again for another but started craving sugar and chocolate… So you know what I did? I ate chocolate.

And guess what? I didn’t fall back down to step one. Depriving yourself isn’t what this is about! Life is too short, have the chocolate bar, if you must as long as it’s all in moderation.

After a while, positive food choices got even easier.

I remember the first time I skipped my “cheat day”, I was SO surprised. My taste buds got accustomed to what I used to think was “bland” and “boring” food… I mean I started craving kale and dreaming of green juices; that says a lot, does it not?

Impact of eating clean:

  • My body had never felt so “healthy” before – like don’t want to go into too much detail but let’s just say my guts are happy.
  • General body fat % ⬇️, especially belly fat!
  • I had a lot more energy. “How is Pauline so hyped all the time? Why is she literally buzzing and jumping off the walls?” EATING REAL NUTRITIOUS FOOD DOES THIS TO ME OK.
  • I stopped craving “bad” food. I’m actually not fond of oily food, takeaways (apart from Street Food Chef, don’t @ me) and junk food anymore.
  • Happier because healthier 😁

Now now, I’m not perfect.

I’m sure my former colleagues will tell you that they’ve seen me have days where I’d run to the local shop buying a shelf of chocolate rice cakes. Almost every single time I do, I immediately regret it. I get dizzy spells and feel a little sick after binge eating junk food.

I recall it happened a lot in NYC. I was so happy returning home to fresh vegetables. 🥒

Listen to the sunburnt kid

Some favourites…

I still have a lot to learn about food – especially actually making it 😆 – but I am so eager to!

  • 🍳 Breakfast: Protein powder (chocolate flavour!), organic oats, blueberries (or any berries / fruit I have around), chia seeds or fruit shake (usually has to have grapefruit in it! 😍)
  • 🥗 Lunch: Protein bowl: Quinoa, kale, black beans, chicken
  • 🍍 Snack: Greek yoghurt (and if I’m craving something sweet, almond chocolate), almonds, rice cakes, Apple Cider Vinegar (does this count as a snack?), chocolate powder.

💜 Gratitude

When I got into Bullet Journaling, I included a gratitude page which I would add to everyday. I stopped for a couple of months but picked it back up in January with my Five Minute Journal. I have both the hardback and app so that I would be much more consistent with it.

I like starting and ending my day with good vibes; no matter how bad it may have been. I know sometimes I get frustrated when things aren’t going right or when I compare myself to others, leading to feelings of relative deprivation. I’m sure that we’ve all been there!

Practicing gratefulness every day has made me appreciate things more, including my own achievements (which helps a lot when I compare myself!), my incredible support network, family and awareness that I am so fortunate because I have everything I need and more. 💙

My twin sister and I 💖


  • Journal at the same time every day
  • Things you’re grateful for don’t need to be long – just simply, “waking up, feeling happy” is perfectly fine!
  • Start with a template – that helps! I recommend using the Five Minute Journal. You don’t need to purchase it, you can just copy the layout of it and make it your own completely
  • There are other ways to practice gratitude, such as meditation and actively telling people how you appreciate what they have done for you 😊

Bringing it all together

In the summer of 2016, I was broken and lost, with no idea who I was because up to that point I was just someone’s girlfriend. I was dependent on him for my source of happiness and love. I was insecure, anxious and fearful of the unknown.

A year later, I have not only “fixed” myself but also levelled up beyond my imagination – in just 12 months. Using that little bit of hope and energy that I had left on self-care is the best thing I have ever done. I’m so alive, so happy, so energetic and excited about the present and the future and feel nothing but appreciation for the past. ❤️ I am independent, I make myself happy, I am SO SO SO in love with myself. I’m confident and face the unknown with my head held high – ready and willing.

I found myself again.

Take control of your life, we only have one! I hope that this inspired you to focus on yourself and introduce positive habits to your life. Your future self will thank you for it!

I’m going to conclude this post with a favourite quote I saw on Twitter the other day, which is the general idea of this whole post. If you want to take anything out of it, it should be…

Everything happens on a mental level before it manifests into the physical level. This is why it’s so important to get your mindset right. – idil on Twitter

Check out conscioused.org for a wonderful piece on habits!

48 responses to “A year of positive habits and focus on self-care”

  1. This was a great read Pauline and very proud to hear of all the improvements you’ve made this year. You have particularly inspired me when it comes to working out – typically I’m in and out of the gym, but last summer my ‘can’t be bothered’ period lasted way too long and I ended up putting on more weight than I would’ve liked. Long story short I’ve started the journey of getting back into shape but similarly to you I’ve always had that view of ‘not wanted to look like a man’ – so in the past I’ve always just worked on cardio & abs exclusively. However – for the first time I’m working all parts of my body as well as doing cardio & abs and it feels great! & You defo inspired me to broaden my workout routine in this way.

    Meditation has been something I’ve tried out before in the past, and recently, but I’ll be honest I find it quite tough to do as I can never get the 1mn+1 things on my TDL out of my mind (which is definitely something to work on). Usually if I meditate it’s when I’m feeling either very upset or super stressed- and it always helps.

    Sometimes the crappiest events (like a breakup) are seriously what we need to get our butt in gear and live our best lives and I’m glad to hear that for you it totally changed your life!

    1. I’m so glad that I’ve inspired you, Kemi!

      We all have some of “can’t be bothered anymore” period but it comes and goes, I think as long as your mindset is strong, you will get back into it! I’m so glad that you now have a routine (I just read your post about your schedule!)

      Preach gal! Those hardest times is what I live by, yeah, they suck, I struggle but at the end of it – I come back better. Always chase that light!!

  2. This post inspires me at so many levels… weight loss is becoming a very touchy issue for me these days. I want to do it but time is a factor that is going against me. Meditation is something I want to take up to get rid of my frequent anger bouts or irritation. Clean eating again is essential for me to lose my weight!
    Congrats on being successful Pauline. This is a great and huge achievement for you!

    1. I have actually found that meditation has helped me so much with controlling my anger. I just had this conversation with my boyfriend, I haven’t had outbursts of anger like I used to! Meditation and mindfulness are the best things I’ve ever discovered and stuck to.

      I wish you all the best luck, you know I’m here if you have any more questions!

  3. Truly inspiring, as usual 😉

    1. *bows*

      Thanks for taking the time to write a comment 😊

  4. I really love this post! Its so inspiring! Makes me want to get off my lazy bum and work harder!

    Also, you’re amazing! XD

    1. Thank you as usual for your kind words, Maroon! ❤️

  5. The fact that you’ve been doing whatever you can to have to have a better health is respectable. Haha, I had the same initial thoughts as you did when I started exercising: “Um, I don’t want to become a fbb”. Glad I’m wrong because exercising is magic, LOL.

    Glad you’ve found the workout, motivation, and vibes to keep you going throughout the year! You took an incident and turn it around to your advantage. Good on you, hope you’ll keep the momentum going. Maybe dark places can be good if you take control over it!

    It’s great that you found a lot of benefits from changing your lifestyle around! I agree with your tips- start slowly and don’t let breaks turn into months. Maybe someday, I will be inspired to buy $$$ active leggings LOL. One of my coworkers told me meditation also helps with concentrating. Being thankful for what you have goes a long way. I’ve found myself talking about the positive things goes a long way. One thing you do a good job on is remembering where you came from. You’ve shown a lot of progress and I’m proud of you!

    1. Yes! It truly is 😆 I haven’t been to my “bad place” in a long time, I can’t imagine falling there again ever. And if I do, I know how to kick it’s ass time and time again 💪🏼

      Meditation helps so much with focus! Calm actually recently started doing Calm music which focuses on helping with concentrating etc. Definitely, check it out!

  6. Just in case you didn’t know already but you are such an incredible woman Pauline.
    From that heartbroken phone-call last year in August (AND lots of “MEN ARE A LUXURY” chants on the phone haha) to this glowing, confident, inspiring woman I’m so proud to call my friend. I’ve said this 50x but i’ve never seen someone bounce back from heartbreak so well. The fact that you used something negative and put all your energy towards improving yourself and your life is amazing.

    You literally radiate positivity and good vibes all over girl. I’ve started working out, eating healthier and loving myself so much more because I can see from you that with perseverance and hard work, it’ll all be worth it.

    I love you lots Pauline! Well bloody done on overcoming those tough times and becoming such an amazing woman. <3

    1. I actually cried reading this comment, I remember it like it was just yesterday. I couldn’t have pulled myself out of it if I didn’t hear your reassuring words. You’re incredible <3

      Thank you for always being here for me, I’m always here for you too, always gal! ☺️

  7. Sometime around 2011-2012, I also started writing about fitness and nutrition, completely different from the way you write about them. I was prompted to write about them (for awhile) because of a very life-changing incident on Christmas Day that could have potentially cost my life. That day really became my form of a wake-up call to reality. (if you’re interested in reading, it’s here – https://adriculous.life/christmas-woes-and-a-happy-new-year/) Aside from the prescribed pills (thank goodness my condition didn’t reach the level where I would have to shoot myself with insulin daily), I also had to change my eating habits (clean eating doesn’t quite work with diabetics, but rather I follow the “eating in moderation” practice instead), I also became active in gym doing some restorative yoga, a bit of pilates, and most of all, a series of hip-hop cardio dance classes (I can’t dance though, but most of my friends from high school were part of these hip-hop dance crews), and exploring local restaurants and eating establishments for new dishes that not only tastes good, but also beneficial for diabetics like myself.

    Currently, I’m working in a part-time job that involves a lot of physical activity (5 hours a day), so that pretty much replaced my gym days and saved me money too (though I bought a few DVDs of my hip-hop cardio regimen so I can do my workouts at home instead). I’ve lost a lot of weight since then and doing what I can to maintain the weight (though my body shape isn’t as symmetrical as yours, the BMI speaks for itself).

    In terms of meditation, just being in solitude and focusing to keep your mind clear doesn’t work for me. Somehow, I have the urge to do something that would help me focus better. My form of meditation is what they call “meditative art,” in which I create a lot of experimental art on sketchbooks and small easels. I don’t really talk about them or post about them as much because they’re very personal, plus I’m not aiming for any “art criticism” when I post them online. One day though, I’ll open up a portfolio gallery of these meditative arts. I also do photography (sometimes posted on Instagram) as part of my meditation too.

    A few months ago, I purchased two small dot-grid notebooks that I first thought was a small notebook for hand-lettering and sketching. Turns out they were specifically for bullet journaling. I tried bullet journaling but I couldn’t commit to because I have other ways to keep my life organized. Instead, I ended up using these dot-grid notebooks for sketchnotes (from development classes) or random hand-lettering practice.

    That entry that you wrote about the period when the chips are down. It’s the first time I’ve read it. I’ll comment on that a little later. 🙂

    Overall, congratulations on taking control of your life. Thank you for sharing, as always. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Adrianne!

      I think a lot of people forget how awesome working out at home is. It’s not all about the gym! It’s about moving your body, working your body and that is irrelevant to where you are! I started with FitnessBlender workouts at home! 💪🏼

  8. PAULINE! You already know how I feel about this entry. You are an inspiration and you motivate me to be the better version of myself as well, slowly but surely ♥ Much love for you, girl.

    cabin twenty-four

    1. I love you so much Eena, thank you thank you thank you ❤️

    1. Thank YOU for reading! ❤️

  9. guuuurl, you are so toned i’m like girl crushin on you right now!

    as i read this, i can’t help but to feel amazed. in my head was ‘dayum, pauline is so admirable. she’s defeating all her insecurities and her achievements are so plausible’ i’m genuinely amazed by your spirit, energy and enthusiasm. your willpower and your perseverance. i am currently in my ‘dark place’, constantly battling anxiety and depression and a whole lot other toxicity and reading this gives me a slight hope. i know i’m not gonna turn to meditation or the gym the way you do because that’s just not for me but i hope, i hope i can find the spirit, the push and the energy to walk down this path too. i can’t quite explain it (since my brain is pretty much fried right now from work) but all i’m saying is how i really, really admire you. for everything, really. you’re a strong individual and that’s some plausible energy radiating off of you.

    this post also reminds me that i too can accept and love myself. maybe not now but someday. you’re reminding me to appreciate myself, to acknowledge my achievements no matter how small and regardless of people who bitch and hate and say i’m showing off. remember that twitter hashtag for women in tech? yeah, you reminded me that no matter how small or cliche it is, an achievement is an achievement regardless. thank you for that, seriously. every time you post something on your instastory, i always find myself watching every one of them when possible (especially because i really love your accent and voice but shush)

    okay i’m going off tangent. i just wanna say how admirable you are. it baffles me that people who are younger than me seem to have achieved so much and yet here i am, still waiting for idk what 😛

    1. Thank you SO much, Elise! 😍

      I hope that you get out of your dark place, it’s not easy, I know, I’ve been there. But I know that it starts in the mind and after that, it gets SO much easier 😊 Of course, easier said than done. Always here to help!!

  10. I liked reading through your journey! I love that you were able to pull yourself out of that depressing time and move towards where you are now. I think that’s amazing that meditation has helped you so much when it comes to anxiety. It’s always good to have something to turn to when you feel like you need to calm and slow down.

    Aw, that’s great how supportive your dad is and how he helped start your exercise habit! Reading and seeing your exercise journey is so inspiring. You look amazing, and I’m happy that it’s helped improve your mood and confidence too!

    I’ve been eating cleaner lately, and I agree that it makes you feel so much better. I don’t have unhealthy cravings as often anymore, and of course, moderation is key. I also agree with what you said about depriving yourself. That doesn’t actually help!

    I’m really happy for you that you’ve come so far and that you’ve come to love yourself! It’s inspiring to read about how many positive changes you’ve made in only a year. Keep being the amazing and positive person that you are!

    1. Thank you so much, Cat! 💖

      Keep up with your clean eating habit! It’s hard at first but like with everything, it gets so much easier! ⭐️

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us Pauline and for being such an inspiration! I was actually excited to read it when you started teasing the article on Twitter!!

    We started working out around the same time (remember the Fitness Blend programs? haha) but I didn’t keep up with it unlike you and I’m regretting it. I think I was really ashamed that I couldn’t give my fullest right away (cut junk food for example) but reading your article reminded me that change isn’t something that happens instantaneously. (Might as well pick it up again)

    Actually, I’ve tried out meditation thanks to you and your daily Calm spam at the moment (haha) when I wasn’t feeling too well and it helped me relax a lot! So that’s what I do when there’s a lot on my mind.

    Keep rocking everything like you do girl!!

    1. Ahh, I’m glad you were excited by my teasers haha! I wanted to build suspense 😉

      I remember yes!! I remember feeling excited that someone else knew them too. Don’t feel ashamed at all, I think it is a mindset thing. You have to choose to want to do it instead of “mindlessly” doing it, you know? I hope that you find the drive to do it again.

      Let me know if you have any questions, always more than happy to help out 💖

  12. This was a beautiful post. I was also in a pretty dark place in august 2016–then again, my Dad was suffering from a brain tumor, and eventually passed away this past october– so I was dealing with some pretty rough stuff. I actually fell out of exercising regularly after this happened, but I’ve been slowly getting back into it, even if its only 10 minutes a day. Gratitude is something I practice every day, and without it, I really wouldn’t be such a happy positive person– so it really matters.


    1. Thank you for reading! ☺️ Gratitude is the heart of everything I do, I encourage it so much. It changes your perspective on things 💕

  13. This is probably one of the most inspiring posts I’ve ever read. I admire you so much, and I’m so happy for you that you got out of a dark hole in your life back in 2016. Keep it up Pauline! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Nana, this means a lot! Thank you for always cheering me on! 💖

  14. Pauline, this was a great read as always! <3 But out of all the sections, I really love the one about exercising because I didn't realize that we had the same beginnings! Well, okay not really, I didn't experience a breakup but you know, I also started doing it after a negative experience… I think it was after the midterm exam week and I just got a failing grade in one of my exams. I think I just cried for a full week and turned to stress eating, until a friend of mine FORCED me to hit the gym XD Exercise really did wonders for my stress levels and I wish I got into this sooner. At first I was hesitant because my heart condition doesn't allow me to do super strenuous activities and weightlifting is a no-no for singers! But I found ways to exercise while taking into account these restrictions. This may cause my progress to be a lot slower than others' but that's okay. I'm not yet as consistent as you and I admit that I haven't gotten around to doing proper workouts since I came home but it's very comforting to hear that it's okay to miss some days as long as you jump right back to it.

    Thanks for this post! It's super inspiring and it got me excited about developing myself even further this year 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading, Claudine and for always cheering me on 💕

      It’s always okay to miss a day, never forget that! Listening to your body’s signs for rest is SO important. Thank you for sharing your experience! ☺️

  15. Loved reading this post! You are amazing, thanks for sharing your story with us.
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1. Thank you for reading, Emily!

  16. Yeah, destructive habits can hurt but I am glad you find the motivation in yourself as I need to do the same!

    1. Starts with the mind 😊

  17. I was worried about my lens when it was under servicing. Thank God it came back to me in less than a week! 😀

    Looking back at your old photos and your current photos makes me want to start exercising seriously. I haven’t been exercising and skipping yoga classes recently. Bleh. I think your before photos are like my current photos and your current photos are like my before photos. sigh.

    1. You can do it Sakura!! 💖

  18. I’m glad you found something to pull you out of the funk you were in. It can be hard to find something you enjoy doing and with exercise it can be hard to keep going. But seeing the progress is great motivation.

    1. Seeing progress both physically and mentally has been a motivation! 💪🏼

  19. Honestly, you’re the most inspirational person I know and it’s been a pleasure to join you on your journey – you’ve grown SO much in this past year! I love that meditation has helped you a lot, and it’s always good when you find the thing that helps you in your day to day life 😀 And that it’s helped you travel! Yay!

    Your dad is awesome! I love that he encouraged you to work out and look at you now girl! KICKING ASS. Those before and after pictures are everythinggggg.

    Thank you for posting this, Pauline! It was a really good read and has definitely helped a lot in me feeling down because I’m not where I want to be exercise wise am. But like you said, you don’t get gainz after one day – so step by step!



      Baby steps have such an impact, never forget that!

  20. Looks like your dad cares about you!

    I’m on the same tracks, regarding fitness, healthy eating, meditation. So reading about it helps.

    I’m considering going to a gym center even though I’m socially anxious lol. My dumbbell weighs …05kg! 😀 I’ve been doing pushups for a little more than a week and yesterday I started to notice that I could already carry my weight more easily, that is satisfying!
    It really motivates me to see your before/after pics because our before silouhettes are comparable, so I get a preview of what I can expect if I take care of myself. I’m not overweight, my IMC is fine, but really all my muscles have been replaced by fat. But it’s already changing with one week of working out every day!

    PS: I didn’t know you had a twin!!! I’m a twin too!!!

    1. PS2: haha I meant 0,5 kg, I’m really not ready for 5kg yet! XD But confident I will be in a few weeks!

  21. This is such a great story to read and so inspiring! 😀

    What weight did you start before your fitness journey and how much did you loss? What weight are you now?

    1. I forgot to add, can you di a blog on what you eat in a day? Like an overview? And why you choose to eat those e.g the benefits! 🙂

      1. Of course I will do! Keep an eye out, I’ll create one soon. 🙂

    2. Hi Mina! I was around 60-65kg? I am now around 52kg, but weight doesn’t matter when I’m gaining muscle mass as well. 🙂

  22. I love, love, LOVE this post.

    I love your blog, and I know I tell you all the time how amazing you are. Am I Paw obsessed? #guilty

    Your energy is just amazing and I wish I could do it. It’s been 3 years and I’m still trying. I do it for months then fall back into that depression trap.

    BUT knowing that you just keep levelling up makes me realise that at some point I could start to do it too.

    Thank you for sharing everything with us, as always.

    Your journey is so inspiring and wonderful!!

    1. Claire, thank you for supporting me so much over the years. I really appreciate it 😊

      You so got this, it’s easy to fall back and think that omg that is it, it’s over! But you can always go back and prioritise again until it sticks and becomes a habit. Here for you 🥰

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