April Showers

*Title reference to one of my favourite electro swing songs right now.

Does anyone else feel incredibly happy when a certain genre pops up? For me, electro swing is one of those genres!

Some of my all time favourite electro swing songs include Dramophone – Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar – The Mojo Radio Gang. Have a listen if you have a chance!

The good vibes I get when I’m listening to this type of music sort of describes how awesome the first week of December has been. Although it’s been another busy week at work, I’ve always made time to stop for 10 minutes, to meditate and to reflect on what I’m grateful for.

Every single day this week I’ve made an effort to highlight how I’m incredibly lucky for all the supportive friends I have and the unconditional love I get from my family.

If I had to describe my week in a soundtrack, it’d be a long hour mix of electro swing.

This week’s highlights:

Monday Flowers

I received some of the most beautiful flowers first thing on a Monday morning. I mean, it could’ve been worse.

Run up to Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? The lights, decoration, the gifts, food, one week off work and (some) Christmas songs… what’s not to like?

I’m excited for Christmas because…

  • I received my first Christmas card of the year from Tara, all the way from South Korea! Thank you once again, I teared up reading the sweet message inside!
  • Signed, sealed, delivered all of the Christmas cards to my blogging friends across the world!
  • I have a few Christmas meals next week including a work Christmas party that I organised.
  • Christmas signifies the end of the year for me. I’m excited for the new year to start some new exciting projects

Placement Success

After work on Friday, I was surprised with an email saying that I was nominated for a Recognition Award scheme at work. I’ve always been the one who (whether that be my role as a shop assistant, intern, barista, you name it!) tries to excel and continuously dedicated to learning something new so I was beyond happy to know that I’ve been recognised for my efforts on placement!


It won’t be a blog from me if I don’t mention anything fitness related now would it?

I have just completed round 2 of FitnessBlender’s 4 weeks abs programme – it’s always a struggle every morning especially since it’s getting colder but I’ve been pushing myself and I am so proud of myself for doing so!

Although I’ve given myself a few cheat days since December started (because seriously, all the deals on chocolate and various Christmas lunches – it’d be rude not to!) I’m happy with how I’m progressing, my overall body fat has decreased and I’m starting to slowly see some definition in my body.

I think it’s always easy to feel demotivated after cheat meals but when I open up photos of how my body and mindset was like before I started exercising regularly and realising that I’ve come a long way is a positive push! If I’m brave enough by the end of the year, I’ll show you all a transformation photo for motivation.

Weekend Flowers

Here’s to another great week! ✨

17 responses to “April Showers”

  1. Sounds like things have been going well! First off those flowers are lovely! Sucker for roses! XD And yay Christmas! And congrats with the job stuff and how well you’ve been doing with exercising and such! GO GO!

    1. Thank you Maroon! Welcome back, haven’t seen you in a while!

  2. Flowers are always a good way to start off and end the week! 😉 They are both so pretty!

    I love love love Christmastime, and you’re right – who doesn’t?! I’m a bit jealous you get a whole week off of work but I am thankful for the two days that I do get off and I am looking forward to those to spend some time with family. I sent out all my Christmas cards and got my first one from Tara the other day which was so exciting. I look forward to getting yours and I hope mine finds your way to you soon!

    Congratulations on being nominated for the recognition award! I know all the effort you put into your work so you definitely deserve it! It’s so encouraging to see others recognize all the great work that you’ve done. Go Pauline! 😀

    1. I am so excited to receive yours! I feel super festive since I started receiving Christmas cards from Chynna and Amy too!

  3. Ahh you’re inspiring me to get off my lazy butt and work out! Your body looks so well toned! Your hard work is definitely paying off. And you have such a happy positive post. 🙂

    1. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog Thao! 🙂 I’m so glad I’m inspiring someone!

  4. I don’t listen to electro swing, but for the genre that makes me incredibly happy is dancehall. Makes me want to shake my ass, haha.

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, girl – who those flowers from, huh? Lol. They’re beautiful, though!

    I unfortunately get 4 days off work, but it’s not all bad. I did have an amazing work Christmas party in which I got way too drunk off of mulled wine. It’s Christmas, though, it’s fine.

    Congratulations on your nomination! I really hope you get it 😀 Also, damn girl – the gym is working OUT for me. You look so amazing, I’m well jel.

    1. 4 days off work is still great 😀 I remember when I used to work in retail and the week of Christmas I was working till the end of New Year! It’s a nice change this year.

  5. I totally get what you mean about music. For me it’s 70s/80s dance music, like Earth, Wind and Fire or Chic.

    It sounds like you’ve had an awesome start to December! Congratulations on being nominated for an award at your work placement. You must be killing it!

    Every time I see your gym pictures on Instagram it makes me want to get up off my lazy arse and work out! I’m determined to join a gym or at least get some more fitness equipment at home because I want to be fitter…but I’m so lazy!

  6. My friend goes to electro swing club nights, but I’ve never really heard anything from that genre (not that I know of anyway!) I know it’s really upbeat though, so it’s great that you had a week like that!

    Congratulations on being nominated for an award! It’s so great that your hard work is being recognised!

    And so happy that you’re still going with the fitness stuff. I am so rubbish at sticking to anything, so well done for keeping up with it for so long! Also, a progress pic would be great!

  7. I love those flowers! They’re so pretty! I wish I had someone to buy me flowers but the only time I ever see a bouquet of flowers is when my roommate buys they for our apartment.

    I love all those Christmas lights! They’re one of my favorite things about the holiday season and I just love to see them sparkle and light up. It makes me think of the lyrics from Coldplay’s song Christmas Lights.

    Congratulations on your award nomination! I’m so happy for you! Keep up the great work!

    You are looking amazing and I know that you’ll consider to see results.

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous! Congrats on your Recognition Award. It’s always a nice feeling to get rewarded for your efforts. I also received my first blogger Christmas card this year and it was so exciting! I sent one to you and sending cards was also a new but nice experience as well.

    And all your fitness photos makes me want to work out too, haha.

  9. D’aw! I love this post 😀 It was great reading about your highlights of the week XD And I’m glad your card made it to you without any issues (don’t get me started on some of my personal post stories). I didn’t think my message would have teared you up, though ^^;;

    Those flowers are lovely. I especially like the arrangement with the white rose 😀 Now there’s a new thing to considering — flower arrangement lessons XD

    Anyway, congratulations on your nomination. You deserve the recognition for all the hard-work you do! You’re an amazing person. You go, girl! ^____^

  10. I feel happy whenever ghetto rap music pops up XD. Good vibes are the best vibes. The flowers you got are beautiful! I love how the rose stands out while the other stems compliments it. Thank you for your Christmas card! You’re too sweet ♥

    Congratulations on getting nominated for the Recognition Award scheme! With your hard work, you definitely deserve it! Keep it going with slaying at the gym ;)~

  11. I had no idea this stuff was called electro swing. It’s such a nice fusion of genres! I am listening to it now and I think I would really dig this stuff too. It’s just so energetic. ? For me, stuff like Electric Light Orchestra (Evil Woman, Mr Blue Sky, and It’s a Livin’ Thing are some songs you might know) gets me dancing instantly. I like stuff like Avicii as well, that gets me pretty excited.

    You are looking SOOO toned, girl! I mean, sometimes it’s hard for anyone to notice the difference from photos of you, or even from seeing you, because they maybe don’t see you enough or they see you too often to notice. 😛 So I think a transformation before/after would be great! I have been thinking about showing a progress/transformation shot as well, because I realise I’ve lost a few inches from both my waist and hips…! I have a post typed up about my fitness journey but it’s a little long to read so I’m working on cutting it down. I might be posting that in January, because I have a few other posts planned for this year and people are still busy with holidays and I do want that post to get seen… LOL 😉

    I got your card too Pauline! I almost cried at the message too, it’s so sweet ?❤️ I got Tara’s around the same time too. ?

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